Chief Financial Officer

The most frequent reasons for business failures are:

Poor management of:

  • Cash flow
  • Inventory
  • Fixed assets
  • Inadequate allocation of credit terms with customers and suppliers

Smaller business cannot utilize and afford a full time in house CFO. Outsourcing the CFO function is ideally suited to businesses of up to €80 – €100m revenues. HBPO CFO outsourcing provides a cost effective solution on an interim or long term basis.

HBPO CFO outsourcing service includes:

  • Management of Company/Group finance operations
  • Design of initial group structures
  • Establishment of finance foundations
  • BOD and Investor reporting
  • Financial reporting, financial planning & analysis
  • Managing banking relationships, businesses loans and other funding
  • Liaison to legal counsel, auditors and tax accountants
  • Risk management oversight
  • HR and payroll oversight
  • Process optimizations
  • Implementing effective and robust policies and monitoring compliance

Cost Cutting:

If you wish to reduce the costs of your business, we can provide you the best advices, and find the best solutions for your company. Cutting costs is the quickest and easiest way to improve the profitability of your business. These measures are often employed to keep a business operating through difficult economic periods. We will help you introduce a cost-control system that can bring immediate savings, and ensure that you remain competitive in the longer term.

Due Diligence:

If you wish to evaluate a business situation from all aspects before making a decision, we are here and willing to help you. Due diligence is an investigation or audit of a potential investment or product to confirm all facts, such as reviewing all financial records, plus anything else deemed material so as to make sure that nothing is hidden. We will help you take the right decision before entering into an agreement or a financial transaction with another party.

HBPO process outsourcing service includes:

Buy to Pay:
AP processing
Travel expenses processing

Record to report:
Financial reporting
GAAP compliance
Management reporting

Internal audit:
Fraud investigations
Internal control assessments
Sarbanes Oxley assessments

Outsourcing processes can reduce costs, improve policy compliance and reduce errors while enforcing business rules that prevent from making costly mistakes.

HBPO can help you optimize your business processes and ensure they are aligned to your company objectives:

– Assess current processes and simulate new processes using “what if” scenarios
– Design business processes using policies, standards and guidelines
– Evaluate the compatibility of current business processes against operational and performance objectives to identify areas for improvement
– Facilitate restructuring efforts to ensure smooth transition